Strategic Drivers of Growing Indo-GCC Relations


  • Asia Karim
  • Amna Mahmood


Owing to its geo-strategic location and being rich in hydrocarbons, Gulf region holds a
lot of significance for India. Historically Indo-Gulf relations were primarily focused on
economic basis with India being the receiver of Gulf oil and the exporter of human
capital to the labour intensive Gulf market which later gradually transformed into
strategic partnerships. The contemporary era is marked by increased Indo-Gulf
cooperation. Economic interdependence, enhanced political understanding and
growing security cooperation are the hallmark of this cooperation. Study aims to probe
out historical evolution of Indo-Gulf ties. These relations are studied under the
theoretical paradigm of complex interdependence. It is mainly addressing the research
question: What are the major strategic drivers of growing Indo-Gulf cooperation? For
addressing this question qualitative research method is used. Data is randomly chosen
from different research papers and books. For primary data reports from ministry of
external affairs, India are extracted. The research concludes that energy security,
security of Sea Lanes of Communications (SLC), Indian diaspora, huge commercial
markets and new generation of leaders in Gulf region are primary drives behind
enhanced Indo-Gulf cooperation.

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