The Conundrum of Taiwan Issue: Implications on World Politics


  • Zahid Yaseen
  • Muhammad Muzaffar
  • Khadija Shahbaz


This qualitative study examines the complex dynamics of the Taiwan-China dispute and
its wide-ranging effects on the world economy and politics. The Taiwan dispute, which
has its roots in the aftermath of the Chinese Civil War, has gained prominence in
international relations, and the US's strong involvement in it directly challenges China,
the most populous country on earth and a rising global power. This study attempts to
offer a nuanced understanding of the complex aspects of the Taiwan-China dispute by
utilizing a qualitative methodology that combines in-depth interviews, content analysis
of diplomatic discourse, and historical record inspection. The results emphasize that
current geopolitical dynamics need to be reevaluated and that diplomatic dialogue is
the best means of achieving peaceful resolutions. Moreover, the research underscores
the possible worldwide ramifications of intensified measures, specifically concerning
the United States and China. This study advances our understanding of how geopolitical
tensions, sovereignty concerns, and their effects on the world economy interact.

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