Islamophobia: The Fault-lines amid Islam and the West


  • Hassan Farooq Mashwani


The frequently triggering of perilous events around the world and their often
connection with Islam is perceived as a terrifying threat to global peace and harmony.
This threat perception is mostly linked to the phenomenon of Islamophobia. A large
segment of the Western community developed a perception of prejudice about Muslims
and Islam as a threat to tranquility of mankind that can eventually dwarf the entire
global system. Such perception desperately affects the Muslim diaspora in the West and
even elsewhere with discrimination for their physical appearances, dresses and
religious practices. The Muslims minorities are labelled as terrorists, following the so
called radical Islam, a sense of hatred and discrimination is shaping out against them
among other societies. Such crucial incidents can be viewed as new fault-lines amid
Islam and the Western world. The Organization of Islamic Conference along with some
of the Muslim majority states; such as Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan have started
playing their role in educating both the Muslims and the West about the fault-lines of
Islamophobia and its ultimate horrors for peace, stability and harmony world over.

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